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Universal / Republic, 2006
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Polydor Ltd, 1981
+ info. de 'The Kids Are Alright', The Who (1979)The Kids Are Alright
Polydor Ltd, 1979
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Polydor Ltd. (UK), 1971
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Polydor Ltd. (UK), 1970
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Polydor Ltd., 1969
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Polydor Ltd. (UK), 1967
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Polydor Ltd. (UK), 1966
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MCA Records, Inc., 1965
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The Who
InformaciónHistoriaDiscografíaConciertosZona TV
The Kids Are Alright
IntérpreteThe Who
SelloPolydor Ltd
Referencia543 694-2 (ROK-ROL-WHO-010)
EstiloRock (Rock & Roll)
FormatoBanda Sonora (CD)
Registro23-octubre-2009 (1.779 visitas)
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1My Generation04:32
2I Can't Explain02:01
3Happy Jack02:12
4I Can See for Miles04:17
5Magic Bus03:22
6Long Live Rock03:56
7Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere02:49
8Young Man Blues. Allison05:46
9My Wife. Entwistle05:58
10Baba O'Riley (live)05:25
11A Quick One, While He's Away07:30
12Tommy, Can You Hear Me? (standard version)01:46
13Sparks (live)03:01
14Pinball Wizard (live)02:48
15See Me, Feel Me (live)05:25
16Join Together/Roadrunner/My Generation Blues (live)09:49
17Won't Get Fooled Again (live)09:22

Jon Astley: Reissue Remastering
Roy Carr: Liner Notes
Chris Chappell: Concept
Bill Curbishley: Producer, Executive Producer, Concept
Roger Daltrey: Harmonica, Vocals, Band
John Entwistle: Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Band, Musical Director
Richard Evans: Art Direction, Design, Concept, Illustrations
Art Kane: Cover Photo, Inlay Photography
Tony Klinger: Producer
Cy Langston: Engineer, Remixing, Tape Research
Keith Moon: Drums, Vocals, Band
Robert Rosenberg: Executive Producer
Pete Townshend: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Band
Peter Wandless: Assistant Engineer
The Who: Associate Producer

Tracks info:
1. Rrom The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour TV show, 15 September 1967
2. From Shindig! TV show, 3 August 1965
3. Not in the film, recorded live at Leeds University, 14 February 1970
4. Not in film, from The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour TV show, 15 September 1967
5. Regular studio version, from Beat Club German TV, 7 October 1968
6. Regular studio version, 5 June 1972
7. From Ready Steady Go!, 1 July 1965
8. From the London Coliseum, 14 December 1969
9. Not in film, live from Kilburn State Theatre, London, 15 December 1977
10. Live from Shepperton Studios, 25 May 1978
11. Live from The Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus, 11 December 1968
12. Regular studio version, from Beat Club German TV, 26 & 28 August 1969
13. Live from Woodstock, 17 August 1969
14. Live from Woodstock, 17 August 1969
15. Live from Woodstock, 17 August 1969
16. Live from Pontiac Silverdome, Michigan, 6 December 1975
17. Live from Shepperton Studios, 25 May 1978

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