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14 discos. The Black Crowes
The Black Crowes
InformaciónHistoriaDiscografíaConciertosZona TV
The Lost Crowes
IntérpreteThe Black Crowes
SelloAmerican Recordings
Referencia8122 79537 2 (ROK-HRO-BCRO-001R)
EstiloRock (Hard Rock)
FormatoRecopilación (CD)
Registro30-mayo-2007 (2.338 visitas)
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Temas (Volumen 1)
1Paint an 8. Robinson / Robinson03:05
2Another Roadside Tragedy. Robinson / Robinson05:31
3If It Ever Stops Raining. Robinson / Robinson04:45
4Wyoming & Me. Robinson / Robinson04:15
5Predictable. Robinson / Robinson03:14
6Never Forget this Song. Robinson / Robinson03:43
7Lifevest. Robinson / Robinson03:19
8Grinnin. Robinson / Robinson03:16
9My Heart's Killing Me. Robinson / Robinson05:06
10Peace Anyway. Robinson / Robinson04:01
Temas (Volumen 2)
1A Conspiracy. Robinson / Robinson04:39
2Evil Eye. Robinson / Robinson04:26
3Cursed Diamond. Robinson / Robinson05:45
4London P.25. Robinson / Robinson03:33
5Dirty Hair Halo. Robinson / Robinson04:51
6Hi-Head Blues. Robinson / Robinson04:20
7Feathers. Robinson / Robinson06:41
8Nonfiction. Robinson / Robinson04:13
9Tied Up and Swallowed. Robinson / Robinson04:19
10Wiser Time. Robinson / Robinson06:17
11Sunday Buttermilk Waltz. Robinson / Robinson02:30
12Descending. Robinson / Robinson05:25
13Lowdown. Robinson / Robinson04:51
14Tornado. Robinson / Robinson02:41
15Song of the Flesh. Robinson / Robinson03:44
16Thunderstorm 654. Robinson / Robinson04:03

Karen Ahmed: Project Supervisor
Butch BelAir: Photography
The Black Crowes: Producer
Eric Bobo: Percussion
Johnny Colt: Group Member
Ian Cooper: Mastering
Amy Finkle: Art Direction, Design
Alan Forbes: Illustrations
Marc Ford: Group Member
Steve Gorman: Group Member
Karen Grotberg: Vocals (bckgr)
Kevin Harp: Digital Transfers
Chris Harrison: Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
Eddie Harsch: Group Member
Bruce Kaphan: Pedal Steel
David Leonard: Engineer
Gary Louris: Vocals (bckgr)
Howell Luther: Engineer
Vincent Marshal: Engineer
Jim Mitchell: Engineer
Kenny Nemes: Product Manager
Erica Newell: Vocals (bckgr)
Sean O'Dwyer: Engineer
Dino Paredes: Project Supervisor
Chris Robinson: Group Member
Rich Robinson: Group Member
Glen Rose: Photography
Jamie Selway: Assistant
Paul Stacey: Mixing
Andy Sturmer: Vocals (bckgr)
Mike Wanchic: Engineer
Steve Woolard: Project Assistant

2-CD Set of Unreleased Musci. 26 Tracks
Two albums-recorded but never officially released.
The Black Crowes
Finally unearth the best moments fron those
abandoned sessions for their long-time fans
Lost in the vaults… until now

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