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22 discos. Bad Religion
The Kinks, la consagración de unos outsiders de lujo
Bad Religion
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Hooray for Me...
ÁlbumStranger than Fiction, 1994. Tema 10
IntérpreteBad Religion
'Stranger than Fiction' en Amazon...

I can see my teenage father standing straight on a desolate corner
in the shadow of tentacled towers by the red light of America
I imagine how his mother felt when she heard that her husband was dying
And the underground heroes of the tarmac shooting smack were blowing up worlds
and damned! out loud
Hey can you tell me how does it feel?

Yeah, tell me... Can you imagine, for a second,
doing anything that you don't have to?
Well that's what I'm accustomed to so
hooray for me...

When I slept with stony faces on the riverbank,
My angeldevil reveler shook me desperately in dying
I don't exactly want to apologize for anything.
And now we're all mad and tangled in secret rooms with roman candles
On an endless graveyard train

Yeah, tell me... Can you imagine, for a second,
doing anything just 'cus you want to?
Well that's just what I do so hooray for me...

Yeah, I was dreaming through the "howzlife",
yawning, car black,
when she told me "mad and meaningless as ever..."
and a song came on my radio like a cemetery rhyme
for a million crying corpses in their tragedy of respectable existence

Yeah, tell me... Can you imagine, for a second,
trying half of the things you ever wanted to,
Well that's just what I do, so hooray for me...

Oh, yeah... I'm not respectable, and never sensible,
I've been incredible, so damned irascible
and I like the things I do so Hooray for me...

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