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17 discos. Depeche Mode
Los sesenta años de trayectoria de Roberto Roena
Depeche Mode
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It Doesn't Matter
ÁlbumSome Great Reward, 1984. Tema 4
IntérpreteDepeche Mode
'Some Great Reward' en Amazon...

I am happy
That I have you
Even though you're not here now
I know somewhere
You are dreaming
Though it's definitely not of me

It doesn't matter
If this all shatters
Nothing lasts forever
But I'm praying
That we're staying

I am warmed by
Your friendship
Even when you're far away
And I'm happy
In the knowledge
We may never see the day

When I kiss you
And you kiss me
Don't pretend you miss me
The worst kind
Of diseased mind
Is one filled with jealousy

If we should meet again
Don't try to solve the puzzle
Just lay down next to me
And please don't move a muscle

I will thank you
Most of all for
The respect you have for me
I'm embarrassed
It overwhelms me
Because I don't deserve any

It doesn't matter
If this all shatters
Nothing lasts forever
But I'm praying
That we're staying

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