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Carátula de 'Age of Unreason', Bad Religion (2019)Age of Unreason
Epitaph Records, 2019
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Epitaph Records, 2016
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Epitaph Records, 2007
Carátula de 'The Empire Strikes First', Bad Religion (2004)The Empire Strikes First
Epitaph Records, 2004
Carátula de 'The Process of Belief', Bad Religion (2002)The Process of Belief
Epitaph Records, 2002
Carátula de 'The New America', Bad Religion (2000)The New America
Atlantic Records, 2000
Carátula de 'No Substance', Bad Religion (1998)No Substance
Atlantic Records, 1998
Carátula de 'Tested', Bad Religion (1997)Tested
Dragnet, 1997
Carátula de 'The Gray Race', Bad Religion (1996)The Gray Race
Atlantic Records, 1996
Carátula de 'Stranger than Fiction', Bad Religion (1994)Stranger than Fiction
Atlantic Records, 1994
Carátula de 'Recipe for Hate', Bad Religion (1993)Recipe for Hate
Epitaph Records, 1993
Carátula de 'Generator', Bad Religion (1992)Generator
Epitaph Records, 1992
Carátula de 'Against the Grain', Bad Religion (1990)Against the Grain
Epitaph Records, 1990
Carátula de 'No Control', Bad Religion (1989)No Control
Epitaph Records, 1989
Carátula de 'Suffer', Bad Religion (1988)Suffer
Epitaph Records, 1988
Carátula de 'Back to the Known', Bad Religion (1985)Back to the Known
Epitaph Records, 1985
Carátula de 'Into the Unknown', Bad Religion (1983)Into the Unknown
Epitaph Records, 1983
Carátula de 'How Could Hell Be Any Worse?', Bad Religion (1982)How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
Epitaph Records, 1982
Carátula de 'Bad Religion', Bad Religion (1981)Bad Religion
Epitaph Records, 1981
22 discos. Bad Religion
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Bad Religion
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The State of the End of the Millennium Address
ÁlbumNo Substance, 1998. Tema 9
IntérpreteBad Religion
CréditosBaker / Graffin
'No Substance' en Amazon...

Neighbors, nobody love you like we do. Neighbors, your
government has triumphed in finally making you a public fit
for the 21st century. Never before has a government body
shown so much concern for the economic well-being of its
subjects. Today we have insulated you from countless factions
who threaten your financial viability; such as the poor; the
idealistic foreigners still clinging to their childish notions of
social welfare; why, you're even kept uninformed of useless
propagandist journalism that reports alleged violations of
human rights (we all know they wouldn't have been punished
if they hadn't been doing something WRONG!!). And who
better to dispense such blatantly evident factoids but a self-
appointed authority like myself?

Acid rain is a thing of the past... too many possible causes,
too little significance for our modern thinking public, besides
industrial manufacturing is at an all-time low anyway, who
needs those narrow minded laborers anyway too many
mouths to feed, and too much burden on the payroll! Who
needs 'em here in the land of the free-time. Some other ass-
backward country will give us what we need by exploiting its
uneducated children.

The internet has expanded our ability to pacify average
Americans better than ever by offering fantastical adventures
to every corner of the imagination. Your home office is the
window to your world, and the heart of your social life. Such
reclusive behavior helps clear the roads and public works from
overburden like the lower-middle class and others who
depend shamelessly on their government. Today you are freer
than ever to do what you want, provided you can pay for it!

Remember, the first word in USA is US! / We have arrived
neighbors, we are the privileged elite!

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Alabama Shakes, Rock primigenio con destellos de Rhythm & Blues
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